For the past 30 years we have created countless successful promotions for many of the world’s most prestigious brands.

We have particular expertise in supplying homewares including ceramic tableware and ovenware, cookware, tinware, plastic kitchenware, kitchen textiles and home electronic items.

We supply some of the world’s leading FMCG brands with premia for GWP promotions.

About Us

We are an ISO9001: 2015 audited company and a SEDEX member. We possess a global database of preferred and approved factories, from which we continue to deliver quality products at the most competitive prices to our loyal customers.

Our traditional values of respect, decency, integrity, hard work, flexibility and honesty are the foundation for the way our business is run. We have built our company on this solid foundation and on these core principles. These values reflect our corporate culture and they are consistently lived each day in dealing with our customers, our suppliers and with the many associates with whom we interact on a daily basis.

Our mission is to continually design, manufacture and deliver exceptional branded products which meet the unique needs of our clients while continually exceeding their expectations.

Our Attitude

We are highly competitive as individuals and as a company. We approach each challenge with energy, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. We are positive and persistent, but we also enjoy some fun along the way in this exciting and vibrant industry.

Our Customers

We take time to understand your brand, your business and your target audience. We live in a busy and competitive world. Our objective each day is to make life easier for our customers by offering prompt, efficient and attentive service. Our door is always open. Our telephone is never silent.

By working closely with your marketing team, we receive a clear understanding of your brand, your promotional strategy and your brand aspiration. Everything we do is geared towards building a close and transparent relationship in order to achieve a seamless working partnership. This will ensure that we deliver winning solutions and assist you to connect with the single most important person in the world – your customer.

We aim to earn the trust of our partners through our hard work, our integrity, our reliability, our good service and of course the quality of the products which we deliver. We just don’t want to earn your business today. We want to earn it for life.

Our Supply Partners

In our business, you are only as good as your suppliers.

We have a network of many of the best suppliers in the world working for us. We work in harmonious partnership with these suppliers to deliver excellent products, on time and within budget.

This didn’t happen overnight – it has taken 30 years so far!

We highly value these strategic long term relationships which we have in place with our preferred suppliers. These suppliers understand our requirement for rigorous quality assurance, prompt and attentive service, the highest standards of social responsibility and the need to be agile and flexible in responding to changing business conditions. In order to maintain the level of quality, accountability, efficiency and pricing necessary to meet our criteria, we are continually evaluating our Preferred Supplier Network.

It doesn’t stop there!

We continually review our supplier base and seek to expand with manufacturers who understand our needs, and have the capability to supply and deliver accordingly.

Together We Succeed

Ubi concordia, ibi Victoria.

This maxim by Pubilius Syrus, the ancient Latin scribe, translated as where there is unity, there is victory, is displayed in a prominent location in our offices. It reflects our belief that good partnership between our customers, our suppliers and us are essential to our mutual success.

Zero Tolerence!

We are always mindful that our customers trust us with their most precious assets – their reputation and their brand. This is a responsibility to which we devote our utmost care and attention.

Sourcing is more than just finding a factory. It means finding the right factory for the right product. It is ensuring that the factory is committed to quality, traceability, safety, compliance and ethical behaviour.

We have zero tolerance for risk or for unethical standards. We conduct stringent testing, quality control, and implement strict safety measures to ensure that unsafe products never make it to market. Our QC inspectors maintain a presence in the factory before, during and even after production.

Safety and Compliance

Each order which you place with Marketing Incentives will be produced in accordance with the most strict product safety and ethical standards applicable.

We will not place an order in production without certified compliance with all EU and local product safety laws. We work with the most trusted international testing labs and inspection companies.

Products are inspected to industry recognized AQL levels, pre-production, during production and pre shipment. We never allow a product to enter the marketplace without thorough testing and certification of compliance. In addition we receive a clear and complete Declaration of Compliance from the manufacturer for each order produced.

We work with carefully selected factories who meet our requirements for safety, quality, social compliance, environmental stewardship and supply chain security. We evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. Our clients have the assurance of knowing that we protect their brand by maintaining complete control of the production process from start to finish in conjunction with our international third party labs and QC teams.

Ethical Sourcing

In line with our commitment to responsible sourcing, Marketing Incentives will only import product from audited and auditable factories. In this way we have created a network of 100% certified suppliers, covering all needs for premium and incentive programmes.

We have introduced and implemented a Code of Conduct with our suppliers. This Code of Conduct follows the highest criteria for business practices, labour laws and environmental standards. We will not purchase product from factories which cannot, or will not, uphold these standards.

We only work with factories that are committed to continual improvement in ethical performance, through adhering to SEDEX, BSCI or SA8000 standards. We also attend regular seminars and webinars to keep abreast of best practice.

Our customers’ priorities are our priorities. The protection of our customers brand is sacrosanct. While price is important, quality, ethics and the reputation of our customers brand is foremost.


Many centuries ago, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher wrote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”.

Our values, ethics and business plan have always been based on this simple wholesome philosophy.